Motion Sensors

The purpose of a motion sensor is to detect intrusions not detected by perimeter door or window sensors.  One or more motion sensors can reduce the number of perimeter sensors you require and reduce the overall cost of the security system.  In most cases, commercial location can effectively be covered by using door sensors and motion sensors.  Residential customers typically use door and window sensors to create a strong perimeter when arming the system at night.  The motion sensor or sensors provide an additional layer of protection and act as a backup while the location is vacant during working hours or while the occupants are away for extended periods of time. 

Even if you have pets, we may still be able to use motion sensors.  All of our motion sensors have the ability to ignore pets up to 40 lbs. For larger pets we use specialty dual technology motion sensors that can filter the movement of pets up to 100 lbs.  Large pet immune sensors are not part of the automated quote system and require a custom consultation. If you have large pets or more than two smaller pets, please call us at 1-801-770-7233 to discuss the feasibility of motion sensors or alternative detection devices.